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Arts Day 2017: 





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 Arts Day is just one way the Dock community celebrates the arts. It is a day devoted entirely to students sharing their God-given gifts in stage events, and through writing, culinary, fabric, and visual art.

Arts Day was held on February 17, 2017. The theme for the day was “Color,” and students were encouraged to explore music, drama, visual arts, food, events and persons as inspiration for their efforts.

General Guidelines & Expectations

2017 Arts Day Practice Schedule

AV Specifications Form

Arts Day 2017 Deadlines


Download Guidelines and Scoring Rubrics
Creative Writing
Guidelines | Scoring Rubric
Fabric Arts
Guidelines | Scoring Rubric
Stage Events
Guidelines | Scoring Rubric
Culinary Arts
Guidelines | Scoring Rubric
Visual Arts
Guidelines | Scoring Rubric                  Photography                                       Guidelines | Scoring Rubric       Technology                                   Guidelines | Scoring Rubric                                                                            Arts Day Deadlines                          


Public Performance

A public performance of selected Arts Day pieces will take place Friday, February 17, 2017 at 7 p.m. in the Clemens Auditorium. 


Arts Day Objectives:

1.) To celebrate the arts within the Dock community

2.) To recognize and share the gifts God has given

3.) To give the opportunity to perform on stage

4.) To demonstrate technical skill and creativity with excellence


 Find inspiration in the 2016 Arts Day     photos and video!

Click here for the Arts Day 2016 image gallery

Click here for the Arts Day video playlist on YouTube

Click here for the Arts Day 2016 award winners


Thank you for supporting the arts at Dock!