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The faculty at Christopher Dock are dedicated to teaching students how to become critical thinkers and life-long learners.

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"Mrs. Grega, you encouraged me to strive for academic success, and you made me become a better writer.

I never had a teacher care for me like you have. You are the best teacher a student could ask for, and I cannot thank you enough."

Alexis Feliciano ('12)


"Mrs. Clemmer brought Physics to life for me. I remember spending hours studying for a test, and I  only managed a 'D.' I asked her, 'What gives?' She asked me how I had studied, and I told her I had memorized the study guide. She said I was a 'superficial studier'; I knew how things worked but I didn’t know why. She said she didn’t care if I graduated knowing anything about rotational inertia; she wanted me to graduate with a new way of thinking; of looking deeper than the 'how' and
wondering 'why.' For me, Mrs. Clemmer was not so much a physics teacher as she was a life teacher."

Abby Mitchell ('11)