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March 2017


Window on the Classroom

EC - Grade 8


She may as well Bee the spelling winner, too

Perhaps you recall seeing a photo of Rachel Held in this space in the February Newsline after she won the EC-8 campus Geography Bee. And here she is again after winning (just a few days later) the EC-8 Spelling Bee. Well done, Rachel...congratulations!

The word Rachel spelled correctly for the win? Prestidigitation

And in case you missed it, the question Rachel answered to win the Geography Bee: 

The ancient Mayan ruins at Tikal are located in which country that borders both Belize and Mexico?

Answer: Guatemala

Rachel is congratulated by Spelling Bee advisor Mrs. Monica Schroeder (top) and Geography Bee advisors Mr. Steve Long (left) and  Mr. Michael George (right).


EC-8 students celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday by "reading across America"

Students on the EC-8 campus celebrated Read Across America, the National Education Association's campaign to mark the birthday of Dr. Seuss creator Theodor Seuss Geisel. 

  • There was plenty of energy when the Cat in the Hat visited a Kindergarten Phys Ed class with Mrs Jayne Longacre and Mrs. Sarah Price.The Cat in the Hat read Ten Apples on Top to students, who then reenacted the book using bean bags for apples and experimenting to see how many they could balance at one time!
  • Mrs. Cheryl Ryder's 3rd grade Phys Ed students kicked off Read Across America Week donning fun hats and playing interactive games while reading corresponding Dr. Seuss books. What a great way to read while "on the move"!
  • Miss Mary Slemmer's 3rd grade class makes a weekly trek down the hall to Mrs. Melissa Quirk’s kindergarten class where they read or do crafts together. For Read Across America Week, 3SL third graders read the non-fiction books they had made to their kindergarten buddy. When they were finished, their kindergarten buddy read their Kid Writing book to their third grade buddy. What a great way to celebrate reading!






Grandparents Day

Grandparents enjoyed spending time with their grandchildren in Dock's Early Childhood program on March 1, and as a bonus had the opportunity to watch Middle School students' perform a preview of Godspell, Jr. 


 Godspell Jr. a huge hit

Middle School students did an amazing job of bringing Jesus' message of kindness, grace and love to vibrant life in Godspell Jr. A group of disciples helps Jesus tell parables using a variety of games, storytelling techniques, and a hefty dose of comic timing. Fantastic job, cast, crew and directors!