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2016 Alumni of the Year


 We are pleased to announce the six recipients of this year's awards. There is a male and female recipient in each of the following three categories: Outstanding Achievement, Distinguished Service and Young Alum.


Outstanding Achievement Award

Based on academic, professional, or business accomplishments since graduation.
















Angela Leidig '92


Angela’s involvement with the Suzuki method extends back 30+ years. She started playing violin when she was five years old in a Suzuki public school program in Pennsylvania. She began teaching in 1991 while finishing high school and continued teaching in college in a Suzuki program in Harrisonburg, VA. After college, Angela had her own Suzuki studio in Ann Arbor, MI, as well as joined the faculty of the Ann Arbor Performing Arts Center, the Chelsea Center for the Performing Arts and Boulder Suzuki Strings in Colorado. Angela was on the Suzuki faculty at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA from 2008-2013 and joined the Suzuki faculty at New England Conservatory in September 2013. She studied Suzuki pedagogy under Kimberly Meier-Sims, Alice Joy Lewis, Ed Kreitman and Ed Sprunger and is certified in Books 1-10. She received her B.A. in Music from Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, her M.M. from Boston University, and did doctoral work in violin performance at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Angela graduated from Tommy Thompson’s Alexander Technique training course in Cambridge, MA in December 2011 and gives private lessons and workshops in Cambridge and Somerville, MA. Angela currently resides in Somerville, MA.



Henry Rosenberger '63


Henry founded Rosenberger Cold Storage and Transport in 1972 after graduating from Eastern Mennonite University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in 1970. He started Rosenberger Ice Company in 1980 while leading Rosenberger Cold Storage until it was sold in 1998. Henry has served on various boards of directors (QNB, Dock Woods, Living Branches). He serves as Director of North Penn United Way, Regional Improvement Consortium, an organization based in West Point, Pennsylvania, of which Mr. Rosenberger was the founding chairman, which facilitates long range infrastructure improvements in suburban Philadelphia. In the 1990’s, he purchased 500 acres of farmland in Blooming Glen, Bucks County. In 2001, he preserved more than half of the farm (284 acres) permanently as open space in the Bucks County Farmland Preservation Program and protected an additional 140 acres in 2007. Eighty four acres of Tussock Sedge Farm are in a Forest Stewardship Program written and approved in 2009 to manage the woodlots on a 130 year cycle of growth and harvest. Henry currently resides in Blooming Glen, PA.


Distinguished Service Award

Based on mission or service involvement since graduation.





Marilyn Nafziger Macquarrie '69


Marilyn spent her entire professional career within the Veteran’s Administration working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in mental health.. No one knows the heart and soul of wounded warriors like Marilyn. She has journeyed alongside wounded warriors who have the visible and invisible wounds (PTSD) of war. Most of her work was in the area of trauma, both combat trauma and sexual trauma of soldiers while in the military. For ten years she was the Former Prison of War Coordinator and provided therapy and case management to former POWs, she facilitated PTSD Therapy Groups for Former POWs, Korean War Veterans, Vietnam War Veterans and OEF/OIF (Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom) veterans as well as a Sexual Trauma Therapy Group and bereavement groups. She also provided ongoing intensive case management for veterans with serious injuries and severe PTSD.  Marilyn held true to her calling to be a “peacemaker”– and she continues to hold true to her Mennonite faith and pacifist’s beliefs. She has helped hundreds of wounded warriors and their families begin their journey of healing from the wounds of war. Marilyn currently resides in Daytona Beach, FL.



John Metzler '67


John has directed outreach programming for the Michigan State University African Studies Center since 1987. In this capacity he has worked with K-16 educators in Michigan, throughout the Midwest, and nationally on effectively integrating African humanities and social sciences into their curricula. Issues of peace, justice, human rights, and socio-economic development are central in these endeavors. John holds an adjunct position in the MSU Department of Teacher Education. In this capacity he has worked closely with the under-graduate pre-service global cohort program that seeks to engage students in the integration of global themes across the teaching curriculum. Since 1993 John has co-led or led a six-credit summer study abroad program in Southern Africa—Education, Society and Learning in Southern Africa. This program intentionally addresses issues of peace, justice, and human rights through its curriculum and by engaging students in service-learning projects. John has worked in Southern and Eastern Africa since 1972 and earned his doctorate in Educational Policy Studies and African Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. John currently resides in East Lansing, MI.



Young Alum Award

Based on the demonstration of academic, spiritual, and lifestyle practices carried out since graduation.



Rachel Derstine '03


Rachel has spent a total of four years working in Vietnam and Myanmar (Burma) with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). She is a graduate of Goshen College and recently completed her Master’s degree at Columbia University in Public Policy and International Social Welfare. Rachel has done significant work with marginalized populations including immigrants and refugees, people living in poverty, and women and youth. She is currently living in Washington, D.C. serving as a Program Officer for the National Democratic Institute (NDI). There, she works in partnership with local organizations to advance human rights, to promote the political inclusion of marginalized groups, and to further the principles of democracy and good governance in Cambodia and Thailand. 




Cameron Rutt '04


Cameron received a biology degree from Messiah College in 2008.  During the past decade, he has conducted ornithological research for a variety of universities and non-profit organizations, including counting migrating hawks and songbirds in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota; sampling birds for malaria in Barbados; conducting auditory surveys across Pennsylvania; banding birds in Arizona and California; searching for nests in Borneo (Malaysia); studying breeding shorebirds on the Alaskan tundra; translocating an endangered bird species from one remote Hawaiian island to another; monitoring two endangered songbirds on their Maui and Texas breeding grounds; and studying penguins in Antarctica.  He is currently in a Ph.D. program in Conservation Biology through Louisiana State University conducting field research in Brazil.  There he will continue to investigate and document the impact of Amazon Rainforest deforestation and fragmentation on forest-dependent birds.